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In the Elementary School (grades 1-8), our focus is on the child as a whole. Each is treated as an individual and is a valued member of our close-knit community. Our faculty and administration get to know every student as both a person and a learner.


We teach children to understand their roles as Jews and Americans, help them to follow in the paths of their parents and grandparents, and to become active, engaged citizens of the world.
Productive partnerships are at the heart of a student’s success throughout his or her  education. We focus on the critical relationships between students and teachers, and teachers and parents.


Through numerous programs, the Elementary School has fostered an inclusive and welcoming culture for students and parents. Our academic program is enhanced by grade-wide celebrations in which children have the opportunity to “show what they know” about a particular unit of instruction. Parents are invited to these special events in which the students are involved in public speaking, demonstrations, and conversations around their projects.

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