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Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum of Religious and General Studies based on the highest standard of Torah Observant Judaism. The school's main goal is to give students the prerequisite knowledge and skills to become successful participants in society and to enthusiastically embrace our Torah and refinement of character. Toward this end, Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy strives to instill our community with the knowledge that every person is created in the image of Hashem, a lifelong passion for learning, and a desire to ultimately give back with their unique abilities to the Jewish people and the state of Israel.


MBYA's Limudei Kodesh hand general studies curriculum offers an intense course of study committed to academic excellence. The curriculum is sensitive to different abilities and varied learning style among children. The goals of the dual curriculum are to:  

  • Develop a strong Jewish Identity through the study of Torah and performance of Midot

  • Develop excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Acquire a strong foundation in basic knowledge and skills of modern Hebrew language

  • Facilitate competencies in physical education and sports

  • Inspire students to pursue higher Jewish and secular education

  • Develop a sensitivity to others and a responsibility to contribute to the general good of society

  • Create a sense of identification with the land, state, and people of Israel

  • Offer extensive opportunities for problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Encourage the use and application of technology In the disciplines 

The Past

In 1926, Crown Heights Yeshiva began its mission to provide Jewish education at a time when yeshivot were few and far in between. By 1981, the Yeshiva, in an attempt to expand and serve the needs of its original purpose, moved to Mill Basin. The Yeshiva retained its former, prestigious name even as its home had moved. In Mill Basin, the demographic shifted to reflect the many immigrants who moved there.

The Present

The Yeshiva now serves a diverse population of over 320 students. We accommodate many cultural backgrounds and religious levels. We are in the midst of a strong upgrade of Staff, Curriculum and Facilities. To reflect this, we have renamed the yeshiva, Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy.

MBYA will launch this upcoming year riding on the strong success of an outstanding year of service and excellence.

The Future

Our programming will engage families and inspire a sense of community and belonging. The Yeshiva will serve as a hub of spiritual growth and family-based learning.

In 2017 we opened a high school for girls which will graduate it's first class in 2021.


Here at MBYA, we envision a time when families join together with the school as partners in education that work together as a community to impart the Torah values we hold dear. Together, we will build the future of a vibrant Jewish nation.

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